SO with a stripper info

Guys, I’m a little drunk.

I can finally drink without worrying about driving home.  I’m staying in a Airbnb with my SO, Jordan. He’s out getting more beer as we speak (as you read), which brings me to the subject of strippers and whether or not they have boyfriends, husbands, or finances.

Being with a dancer can go a number of ways, depending on a shit ton of factors.  I’ve met a lot of strippers by traveling around Florida, and most don’t have a significant other; the ones that do are usually pretty respectful of the other’s wishes.  Some women, however, will do anything for money or whatever vice they need. I’m not saying this to put anybody down, but it’s known that some dancers dance for money that they need for some kind of dependance whether it be a man or they’re living in a hotel or drugs/alcohol. AGAIN I WILL NEVER PUT A DANCER DOWN FOR HER MOTIVES UNLESS SHE IS HURTING ME OR ANYONE ELSE.

Now that I’m done with that rant, I’ll go into what its like to date a stripper. I’ve been in a pretty steady relationship since I decided to dance, the man I’ve been with gets insecure at times which I understand.  A lot of guys would be jealous/nervous dating a stripper, but for me personally, it’s a job that I love and if anything, it makes my relationship better.  I talk to and dance on strange men to make money (I enjoy the lure and the challenge) and that would make anyone that you want to be exclusive with a bit suspicious.  I would put myself on the spectrum (from a woman who dances FOR men, for gratification to that girl in the club who just does whatever the fuck she wants because she wants to do it) about 80% on the right side.  This gives me a scale for other men, it has taught me so much about what I like and what I don’t.  From being paid to spit on someone’s face, stomping on balls with my heels on, and choking a guy to almost unconsciousness to getting paid more in the VIP rooms just to talk, maybe get my feet rubbed, and listen to men talk about their ex-wives. All of these experiences have helped me find my niche and the things that I enjoy as an adultAnother thing that comes to mind right now is dealing with guys (whether they’re sweethearts or assholes); Even starting a conversation with some men and/or women is an actual difficult task, you won’t understand this exact feeling unless you have danced.  Compare having a conversation with some men to talking to a toddler; most of the things they say you just laugh at and ignore because they make no sense.  Imagine going home to your boyfriend or girlfriend after a full shift of that. I’m assuming this significant other knows the minimum about you… you don’t have to answer any of those stupid small-talk questions, and  they genuinely care about you (this means more than anything).

If you’re a man thinking about, or actually dating a stripper, keep a few things in mind.

  1. We’re catching misogyny on fire and watching it burn.
  2. We’re having more fun with the girls we work with/ meet than 99% of the guys we meet.*
  3. I can’t wait until I come home, so all of that sexual tension built up in the club can be released… that can go a couple of ways though; I personally either want to sleep, get my back rubbed, or fuck.
  4. It’s about money. I don’t care about most of my customers on an intimate level when I get home.
  5. If you do date a stripper and break up, please do not ever brag about dating a dancer and expect strippers to crowd around you for the chance to date you next. 

Anyway, my boyfriend is back with the beer so I’ll talk to y’all later??


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