Q:Why do you wear those shoes? your feet must be killing you!
A: My 8 inch Pleaser platforms are seriously my most comfortable pairs of heels. No, I am not just saying that… why would I just say that?

Q: Why don’t you go topless here? (usually asked by people from miami)
A: Laws vary county to county, My county law states that I can’t go topless just as long as we serve liquor. This may be to prevent drunk-ass pervs from launching their face into my naked chest for free, or its just some government bullshit.

Q: Do you REALLY like your job?
A: Yes. People seem to want me to say no, or expect me to say no so they can feel better about their unfulfilling career. It does have some dramatic ups and downs as every other job does. The posisitives always end up outweighing the negatives.

Q: What’s your real name?
A: That requires a tip, time and liquor.

Q: How much do you make?
A: Rude.

Q: You probably hate all the girls you work with, don’t you?
A: No, I have met some amazing people in my club. I encourage men to tip fellow hot, sweet asses. I genuinely hope we all walk out with some capitol.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: Yes.