Big-ass-lifted-ass-truck week

Daytona hosts plenty of trashy events, but this week topped the charts with truck week. Honestly, I don’t even know what the official title is. In short, people drive their obnoxious lifted, lit up, and most of all loud trucks to Daytona beach from wherever the fuck. 

Many people don’t know this, but Daytona is actually pretty small. Beachside (where almost every event is held) is no more than a small town during off-season. So, take an ungodly amount of trucks, each measuring twice the size of a normal vehicle and stack them on top of eachother in a span of 5 miles. Fuck me, right?  What should have taken me 3 minutes to WALK took me 20 minutes to DRIVE (to the place I get wings after work) so that is where my anger is stemming from. 

All of that aside, I had a pretty lucrative night. 


Laundry Day 


Tip: do not dry your stripper shit in a dryer as it will probably ruin it or result in those little lint balls that glow under the black light. Just untangling all of this from the washing machine took enough time. I usually hand wash, but I decided that all of my dancewear needed freshening up at once (everything smelled like… imaginethere was an ashtray fire and all you had to smolder it was a cheap floral eu de toilette). 

Not pictured: the rest of my room riddled with g strings and one pieces. 

New Club/ Treat Yourself

I did end up going to a new club in my area on Thursday because of the situation(s) at my home club. ¬†Like I said, I expected it to be nerve-wracking and I really didn’t think any of the girls would be nice to me. ¬†I had this is my head because of the places I have travelled to and how I’ve been treated. ¬†First off, the management at this new place fucking¬†hates the owner of my home club so I think they were just happy to steal me.

I’ve always known that your attitude toward the girls plays a huge role in how you’re going to do in a new environment. ¬†I’ve never seen such black-and-white reactions though; when I was smiling and being personable, the girls actually seemed like they at least gave a shit enough to answer compared to how I am when Im nervous and shy. ¬†That helped tremendously.

I ended up meeting girls who’ve worked with me before at other clubs, which usually plays in everyone’s favor… unless that girl never liked you and was fired from your home club. I got a taste of both.



Last night, my sister was leaving for the night and I decided to take a break and rest my body. ¬†I didn’t want to just sit around my house, so I looked up ¬†“sushi restaurants near me”, put on some makeup and put on some clothes that I’ve wanted to wear for a while but have no real reason to, and drove my happy ass to get some sushi. ¬†Since I was alone and the place was pretty busy, they had me move over a seat at the sushi bar. I didn’t get angry or anything, actually the couple ended up being really friendly and down to Earth. They even let me try their curry (which was delicious but I was stuffed after a huge meal and dessert). ¬†After a few glasses of wine, I decided that my evening was n’t over. I ended up going to the movie theater alone and watching Boss Baby. ¬†It was fucking adorable, literally babies competing with puppies.

It was a great night. I’ll wrap that up with a word of advice: go to a restaurant in some cute clothes (or whatever you would consider a date), drink some wine, maybe see a movie, go home and masturbate. You will not be disappointed.